Global Solutions

The world of international structuring can be complex. Tax is no longer the sole incentive to position a business in another jurisdiction. There are a myriad of other exceptional reasons to locate businesses in Barbados: lifestyle, access to talented human capital and excellent resources to name a few.

Licensed Corporate Service Provider

As a Barbados licensed Corporate Services Provider, Innovate LSO provides international business solutions, including formation, corporate administration and management services.

Economic Substance

New rules require businesses to have proper substance in jurisdictions. We work with multi-national companies and also with smaller ventures seeking to set up or relocate businesses to Barbados.

We provide a one-stop shop, from corporate services to the hiring of employees and sourcing office accommodation. Our professionals will provide guidance if work permits are required.

We work with local tax advisors and accountants to assist with structuring requirements.

Solutions for Other Jurisdictions

We also provide solutions for BVI structures and have solid connections to excellent law firms in Bermuda and Cayman.