What do you know about Barbados? Constant temperatures in the high 70s, low 80s? Beautiful beaches? Blue sea? The home of the rum punch? Rihanna?

Barbados has all of the above to offer and is also the domicile of choice for international business companies and high net worth individuals.

Did you know that Barbados is ranked 4th in the world for literacy? (UN Development Programme Report 2007/8). In fact, Barbados boasts a literacy rate of 99.7% (CIA World Factbook 2002). With English being the first language of Barbadians and the country boasting a world-renowned education system, international businesses thrive in Barbados.

So how big is Barbados? How can I be sure there is enough talent on the island to service my business needs?  The island is 166 sq miles, and has a population of 280,000. While the island is small, it has a large working population of 144,500 and boasts hosting one of the University of the West Indies (UWI) campuses.  There is therefore a stock of highly educated

young graduates who stream out of UWI each year.  As Barbados’ international airport serves the US, Canada and the UK with daily flights it means that residents are well-travelled; there is no culture shock for either the businesses or those they seek to employ.

Political and legal stability are also strong features of this Caribbean island.  The Barbados parliamentary system has been in existence since 1639 and is one of the oldest in the Commonwealth.  The legal system is based on the English common law system, and many corporate statutes are derived from Canadian corporate legislation.

Barbados shares a close relationship with Great Britain (from which it gained independence in 1966) and Canada, a tax treaty partner for over a hundred years.

The economic and linguistic benefits together with the ease of doing business with a nearshore provider make Barbados an obvious choice for LSO services. Contact us to find out more.